Fishing Report – MDNR 05/22/2024

Southwest Lower Peninsula

Muskegon: Boat anglers found Chinook salmon 30 to 90 feet down in 50 to 120 feet of water. Pier anglers caught a few freshwater drum while casting spoons. Blue and green spoons seemed to work well, along with white flasher-fly combinations. Make sure to check your lines often, as there is a good number of small Chinook salmon in the area!

Grand Haven: Boat anglers caught Chinook salmon 25 to 100 feet down in 45 to 120 feet of water. Orange, blue and green spoons were reported to have worked well. Flasher-fly combinations caught a few salmon deeper in the water column. Pier anglers did well casting spoons for freshwater drum. A few steelhead were caught using shrimp under a bobber. Be sure to check your lines often. Salmon anglers targeting waters shallower than 80 feet found high numbers of small Chinook less than 18 inches.

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